It is hard to seek a place to hide, thought Samuel as the bombs and gunshots went flying past his head. He was so scared, as he was afraid to die.


Samuel leant against the wall and wiped the dirt from his face. The poor boy’s body was in shock; battered and bruised. He had been shot and it was fatal. The bullet had blown off a large chunk of his leg. He whimpered as he looked down and could smell the awful stench of rotting flesh next to his feet. It was a person, judging by the sight of the clothes and body parts sticking out.


“Militaria,” he shouted!

“Not militaria,” he cried out whilst trying to identify who this person was.


Samuel crouched down and forgetting about his gaping wound, he turned the body around. It was a man, missing half of his face and his crystal blue eyes gazed deeply into Samuel’s soul.


Samuel knew that his time on earth was short, as the blood was gushing out of his leg. He sat by this man and locked eyes with him.


“Boy, get lost. Go and find help! Don’t sit by me, you fool. You have the chance to survive,” the dead man said.


Samuel knew he was hallucinating from the blood loss, but it felt great to have someone by him.


Samuel had lost his parents in the war a few months ago, just short of his tenth birthday. He was holding on for dear life. “What’s the point, you are the only person I have now.” 


He put his arm on the man’s remaining leg and rested his head. As he stared into his eyes the silence surrounded him, and he couldn’t even hear the noise of gunshots going off. “Is this what death feels like?” he asked.


“Come, lie by me and keep warm!” said the dead man.


Samuel wrapped the dead man’s arm around his body, as tears rolled down his cheeks.


“Militaria,” he whispered one last time before he closed his eyes, never to wake again.

I did it!

I did it,

I started probably like I am now, what to write? How to write? When is the best time to write?

It was rather exciting when I started writing my first book, I got so involved in every single character that I eventually started almost believing that my characters were indeed real. It took me sometime to complete my first book but I did it, a real proud moment indeed.

My book is on Amazon now, you can buy it as an e-book or a paper back, personally I prefer paper back, that feel and smell of holding a book is priceless.